International marketing

The purpose of the master's program:

The programme is designed to provide the necessary skills for successful work in modern environment of international marketing. It teaches students to solve specific marketing problems in the context of global competition. The aim is to reach an integration of international experience in promoting products and services with the practice of market activity in the Russian economy. Students are given the opportunity to explore special topics of marketing at an advanced level, including specific areas like Internet-marketing, crowd-sourcing, trade marketing, etc.
This program focuses on those who already have a basic understanding of marketing and intends to improve their professional competence through in-depth study of successful practices and concepts of international marketing, as well as specific aspects of its use in the Russian business practice. Special attention is paid to the development of research skills of students, research projects and grants of the Russian Foundation for Humanitarian Research, other public and private organizations.

The master's program includes:


  • The study of the organizational and cross-cultural challenges of international marketing.
  • Exploring areas of cooperation between international marketing and related management activities of strategic analysis and planning inside the controversy of the globalization process.
  • Develop skills to identify major perspective areas of international business, organization and conducting marketing research with regard to key global trends, development and implementation of appropriate marketing strategies.
  • Develop a comprehensive approach to the development and organization of marketing communications, including electronic and Internet technologies.
  • Deep study of international experience of marketing activities, both developed and emerging markets.
  • The possibility of training the students in foreign Universities-partners with a view to better immersion in the studied subjects.

Admission condition:

The applicants must pass an interdisciplinary examination in writing form (4 blocks of questions) in order to be considered for admission.

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor or a specialist degree
  • English Language level - at least IELTS 5 TOEFL iBT - 63
  • Successful passing of entrance examinations;
  • Basic knowledge of Russian is welcomed.

Learning outcomes:

  • Forming a systemic understanding of international marketing technologies;
  • Ability to analyze the challenges in international and global business;
  • Determining the main implications of doing businesses on emerging markets;
  • Reaching the understand the financial aspects of international marketing and the requirements for international distribution management and channel strategy;
  • Acquiring the skills of independent analysis and its application to specific practical tasks, such as:
    • diagnostics and monitoring of the international companies activities;
    • preparation and implementation of international marketing strategies and plans;
    • forming management styles to different international economies and cultures;
    • evaluation of different scenarios of marketing decisions and forecasting the impacts of their implementation;
    • development of international sales and marketing communications strategies.
Training Field:
38.04.02 "Managment"


Period of training:
  • full-time – 2 years
  • paid education

Program Coordinator:
Zobov Alexander
Head of Marketing Department
Office: Mikluxo-Maklay Str 6, office 31

Tel: +7 (495) 433-94-04
ad. 15-06

Degtereva Ekaterina
Programm Coordinator
Office: Mikluxo-Maklay Str 6, office 31

Tel: +7 (495) 433-94-04
ad. 15-06